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CD - Keynote: The Joy of Mary the First Christian
BY: Fr. William (Bill) Kiel
In Mary, for the first time the Father found a dwelling place where his Son and his Spirit could dwell among men. In her the wonders of God began to be manifested. Mary found Joy in that first, "Yes." How can we model our own lives after Mary's example?
CD - I am a Sinner
BY: Fr. William (Bill) Kiel
An average Catholic's approach to faithfulness -- Living with faith, purpose, and passion: growing in the Joy of God. "Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed."
CD - Sainthood - Our Ultimate Joy
BY: Msgr. John McDermott
How do we get to Heaven? Are there certain things a person might do that will stop them from entering Heaven? We all think of ourselves as unruly saints. This workshop will explore the lives of unruly saints and how allowing the Grace of God to change their lives brought them into the Joy of Heaven.
CD - Touched by an Angel
BY: Fr. Lance Harlow
The Church teaches the existence of angels, but what are they and what should our relationship be with them? Did St. Michael the Archangel actually slay a dragon? Did the Angel Gabriel really visit Mary before she conceived? The Church benefits from the mysterious and powerful help of angels, so come learn how YOU are touched by an angel.
CD - The Joy of the Parish
BY: Fr. Dwight Baker
A Church building, a community of believers, the Mysteries of Christ: What is the role of the Parish in your life? No one is saved alone. It is with the help of the parish community that we are brought the understanding and the love of Christ. How can we nurture the joy of the Parish to build a stronger faith?
CD - Crisis in the Middle East
BY: Fr. Benedict Kiely
Throughout the world, but especially in the Middle East, our Christian brothers and sisters are facing persecution, ethnic cleansing, martyrdom and genocide. The darkening of our world can make us fell as though there is no hope. But each of us can make a difference. "Let us do good to all men, but especially to those who are of the household of the Faith" Gal 6:10.
CD - Keynote: Come and Journey with Jesus
BY: Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.
Travel with Fr. Mitch through the sites of the Mysteries of the Rosary as well as other significant locations in the history of Israel and the life of Jesus. The story told to us through these mysteries and lived 2000 years ago is more than just events, but rather give us a tangible example of the Sacraments, the Liturgy of the Church, the Holy Spirit in our lives and our relationship with God. Come and journey with Jesus through the Holy Land and history.
CD - Joy on the Mount
BY: Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.
Moses climbed a mountain by himself to hear God speak the law. Later Jesus spoke to the crowds and revealed how all God's people should live, pray and fulfill the commandments that Moses received. We become most happy by trusting in the words of Jesus in the Beatitudes and realize the Gospel promise of eternal happiness in Heaven. Come experience the joy of those attending that momentous event as we look at what Jesus said and did in the context of the culture and time, allowing us the opportunity to follow His example today with a pure heart.
CD - The Crusades
BY: Fr. Charles (Rick) Danielson
What could be more sacred to a Christian than the very spot our Lord and Savior gave up his life for us? Spanning hundreds of years and affecting millions of people, able men and women were drawn by a solemn vow to God to protect the Holy Places and ensure the safety of all pilgrims. Learn how the Crusades shaped the world and changed our lives forever.
CD - Our Father: Everyday Living
BY: Fr. William (Bill) Kiel
In response to the disciples' request, Jesus entrusted them and us with the fundamental Christian prayer, the Our Father. Line by line, word by word, come reflect upon the glory of the Father and see how these simple phrases hold meaning and truth in our lives today.
CD - Evangelizing Like St. Francis
BY: Fr. Richard O'Donnell
Evangelization is one of the most difficult things God calls each of us to, but there is hope. Drawing inspiration from St. Francis in more ways than one, our new pope shows us a beautiful vision of genuine Christianity. And in this tradition, Pope Francis is working diligently for the renewal of a church "in ruins." He challenges us to remember, "...one cannot proclaim the Gospel of Jesus without the tangible witness of one's life.", so thusly he relays the call of Jesus to "Rebuild My Church!"
CD - Purgatory and the Wedding of the Lamb
BY: Fr. Timothy Naples
Is Purgatory just an invention of the Catholic Church? This term cannot be found in scripture, so how do we rectify this belief? Paul tells us that, when he is judged, a righteous man's work will be tried. If it is not found to pass "He will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire" (1 Cor 3:15). As preparing for a wedding feast, God cleanses us completely before entering His presence and only after this final purification of the elect can we be welcomed into the Wedding of the Lamb.
CD - Keynote: Christian Ethics
BY: Msgr. Stuart Swetland
The Christian is called to live as Jesus did: a life that is not only human but divine. That life can only be discovered in the light of Holy Scripture, and only with the assistance of the Magisterium can we truly understand God's teachings on the situation of Christian morals today.
CD - Faith in Politics
BY: Msgr. Stuart Swetland
Political leaders are elected to serve the common good and to address the concerns of the community they represent, but as Catholics, how do we apply our moral principles to today's challenging issues? What role can Catholic teaching, faith and conscience play in the world of politics?
CD - Faith in Action
BY: Julia Roberts, LCMHC
What does it mean to be fully human; to find happiness and fulfillment in life? The Church, being expert in humanity, teaches us how to flourish as human beings. Learn how the life of faith centered on the Eucharist can be incorporated in every aspect of our daily lives in order to live out St. James' call to have a living and active faith.
CD - I Believe; We Believe
BY: Fr. Luke P. Austin
What does it mean to truly believe? Has science become our new faith? But isn't truth more than scientific knowledge? Just as certain as we are in scientific discovery, so can we be certain in our faith. What does it mean to believe and to have confidence in the truth of that belief?
CD - Stronger Faith in 30 Days (Ignatian Spirituality)
BY: Msgr. John McDermott
Grow in your spiritual life through a deeper understanding of the spiritual teachings of St. Ignatius Loyola and the Spiritual Exercises, including the discernment of spirits and the conscious examen.
CD - Theology of the Body - Masculinity and Femininity
BY: Fr. Jon-Daniel Schnobrich
What real significance does the human body possess? Are men and women not the same and does the idea of human complementarities undermine equality between the sexes? Discover how the image of God is found in our relationships with each other and in our very bodies.
CD - Keynote: Conversion of the Heart
BY: Deacon Alex Jones
As Christian souls in a not-so-Christian world, it can be easy to fall away from the path that Jesus sets for us. But God calls to each of us by saying "...return to me with your whole heart." ( Joel 2:12 ). Through the Sacraments and an open heart can we realize God's grace and accept His love and mercy
CD - Conversion Through Scripture
BY: Deacon Alex Jones
Through Scripture God calls us where we might not want to go. The fruits of conversion would benefit countless Christians and others looking for guidance in their life and help secure a road map in their search for God. Scripture makes a profound change in life possible as God's inspiration is found in its pages.
CD - Conversion Through Mary
BY: Fr. Lance Harlow
Marion spirituality is based on the Immaculate Virgin Mary as the Mediatrix of all graces. Our spiritual life depends on grace, which we receive abundantly through Mary's intercession. The more we open our hearts to Mary, the more assurance we have of obtaining grace from Mary's Son through His Mother.
CD - The Real Presence of Christ in the Eurcharist
BY: Fr. Henry Furman
An act of faith, the first steps of any disciple, must be part of any journey when understanding the wonderful gift Jesus gave to us through the Eucharist. The fact that Christ truly is present in the Eucharist is the product of reason both from the words of promise in John 6 and the words of institution in the Gospels and St. Paul ( 1 Cor. 11 ).
CD - Ministering to Youth and Young Adults
BY: Chris True and Paola Pena-Rojas
Today's culture leads many youth and young adults away from the faith. They become broken, need care, and encouragement, most often with the emotional baggage that can come with a lifestyle devoid of God. Discover opportunities to engage and lead them into a healing relationship with Christ and His Church.
CD - Theology of the Body - Perceptions and Misconceptions
BY: Fr. Jon-Daniel Schnobrich
Is it possible to relearn how to think about the relationships between Man & Woman & God? What does Love mean when infused with God's vision of the human body and how do we allow God's plan for us to come to fruition.
CD - Keynote: After This Life - What Comes Next
BY: Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.
This CD is an hour recording by Rev. Benedict Groeschel, CFR given at the Vermont Catholic Conference 2010.
CD - Apologetics - Speaking Up for the Faith
BY: Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.
The Catholic Church is being battered as never before by the media, non-believers, and former believers who want the Church to change its traditions and moral teachings that began with Christ. Why do we believe in Mary? Why do we believe in the devil? Why do we persist in teaching the evils of abortion and birth control which flies in the face of “pro-choice” critics? Come listen to Fr. Groeschel discuss these and other relevant topics to lay the groundwork to help us speak out in defense of our faith.
CD - Ten Steps to Holiness
BY: Fr. Lance Harlow
Simple, practical, and classic teaching on how one becomes holy! We are all called to holiness, but some of us get lost in the day-to-day challenges that are in our lives. This workshop will give us the tools to become more holy, so that we find the truth that there is nothing more attractive than holiness.
CD - Catholic Symbols
BY: Msgr. Peter A. Routhier
Do you wonder why we have statues and stain glass windows adorning our churches? What are the meanings behind some of the very basic things we use during Mass and other Catholic rituals? Most Catholics are unaware of the deeper meanings behind these simple symbols. This workshop will explain the dynamics between the material and spiritual realms.
CD - Role of the Bishop
BY: Fr. Jon-Daniel Schnobrich
Through the Holy Spirit, bishops are the successors of the Apostles by divine institution; they are constituted pastors within the Church so that they are teachers of doctrine, priests of sacred worship and ministers of governance. This workshop will explain the role of the bishop in the Church and how that protects the faith of Jesus Christ throughout time.
CD - Importance of Baptism
BY: Sr. Francis Teresa O’Donnell, C.F.R
We are born into the Cross of Christ at Baptism. As Christians, we seldom take our Baptism into consideration as part of our journey. But without the Cross of Baptism, we would not be living our Christian lives faithfully. What does being born into the Cross of Christ mean for us in our daily lives? Come listen to Sr. Francis discuss the mystery of our Baptism as it applies to the life of the Christian.
CD - Chastity of Life
BY: Carrie Handy, BJ
Based on John Paul II’s teaching on the Theology of the Body, this workshop will explain the importance of chastity in both thought and action for people of all ages. True chastity brings one beyond the temptations of the flesh and opens our hearts to the freedom that Christ gives us.
CD - Faith Sharing - Call to Vocation
BY: Br. Xavier Mariae Meiergerd CFR, Sr. Cecilia Francis Jesse CFR, and Rev. Emmanuel I. Ajanma
What does a young African man, a young Vermont teenage woman, and a young man from the mid-west have in common? Come listen to three very different and very unique perspectives on a call to religious vocation. Each presenter will share their own spiritual journey to Christ and how they answered God’s call.
CD - Keynote: The New Evangelization
BY: Fr. Glenn Sudano, C.F.R.
This CD is an hour recording of the Keynote talk "The Journey In, the Mission Out: Making the New Evangelization Really Work"
CD - Social Justice
BY: Fr. Glenn Sudano, C.F.R.
What are our obligations as Catholics? Social Justice is something we are all called to recognize in our own lives. The social teaching of the Church proposes principles for reflection, provides criteria for judgment, and gives guidance for action. Come learn about opportunities to be true to the demands of the Gospel - opportunities which lift the life and dignity of all human beings and bring forth participation as a family and community, and much more. "...Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me." Matt 25:40
CD - Infallibility of the Pope
BY: Fr. Lance Harlow
How does the infallibility of the Pope affect Church doctrine and how does this affect us as faithful Catholics? Can any one person be infallible? Many of us are confused with the mystery surrounding the decrees from the Chair of Peter. What are the differences between an Apostolic and Encyclical letter or even Church Law? As informed Catholics, we need to be able to explain these finer points of our Faith.
CD - Making an Integral Confession
BY: Fr. Jon-Daniel Schnobrich
"Sing to the Lord a new song" (Psalm 96:1) I wish that these words could ring in my heart far beyond the soft words of absolution, but alas, these simple words soon fade as again the wounds of sin slowly takes hold of my life. Even in the Old Testament, God gave us reason to hope - "Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you;" (Ezekiel 36:26) Yes, God gave us hope, but not even hope can save the desolate souls that do not seek a sincere and resolute commitment to turn away from sin. Forgiveness can only be granted to those who ask and reconciliation only to those making an integral confession.
CD - The Implementation of Vatican II
BY: Fr. Daniel E. White.
Gaudium et Spes ("Joy and Hope") - Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World. "For it seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us." Acts 15:28 The providential significance of the Vatican II Council, of the Holy Spirit: Discover what the Church has to say about hope and anguish, changes in attitude towards morals and religion, imbalances in the world, and what is the answer to mankind's deeper questions of purpose, suffering, evil, and death. "There are diverse, countervailing interpretations of the council. It is not what we would like the council to have said that must determine our course but dynamic fidelity to it." (Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI)
CD - World Religions
BY: Laurie Brands Gagne
Do you understand the differences between Catholicism and other world religions? Have you read the Second Vatican Council's Declaration on the Relationship of the Church to Non-Christian Religions? This workshop will present an overview of the basic beliefs and moral codes of the major religions of the world, along with points of convergence and difference with Catholic belief and practice. The goal is to foster respect, through understanding, of what other religions practice and believe.
CD - Spiritual Renewal
BY: Teresa Hawes
Do you feel at times that you are going through a spiritual desert? The promise of Hosea 2:16 echoes within: "I will lead her into the desert and speak to her heart." How can I listen and hear His voice? How can I learn to trust God's promise and believe that I am loved no matter what? Come and learn about the treasures of our baptismal grace, that Spring of Living Water gushing forth from within (cf. John 7:38). Only the Life of the Trinity can truly quench our thirst and transform us into the Light of the world Jesus calls us to be.
CD - Parenting with Faith, Love & Humor
BY: Deacon Daniel and Denise Pudvah
Through the grace of the sacrament of marriage, parents receive the responsibility and privilege of evangelizing their children. How can you as a parent incorporate the teachings of the Catholic Faith in you children's everyday life? Love and humor comes naturally to most of us, but how can we instill in our children those most beautiful aspects of our Faith in a natural and loving way. Parents must lead by example and must have love in their hearts. Building a more personal connection with your children through Christ can make all the difference.
CD - Keynote: Suffering and Hope - The Catholic Perspective
BY: Fr. Lance Harlow
This CD is an hour recording of the keynote presentation on Suffering and Hope by Fr. Lance Harlow.
CD - Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces
BY: Fr. Lance Harlow
Workshop will highlight St. Louis Grignion de Montfort's True Devotion and the unique prerogatives given to the humble handmaid transforming Mary into the Queen of Heaven and earth. Devotion to Our Lady leads one to a deeper union with Jesus, her Son.
CD - Christian meaning of Human Suffering - JPII Salvifici Doloris
BY: Fr. Daniel E. White
Discussion will cover Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter Salvifici Doloris on the christian meaning of human suffering.
CD - Turning Misery into Hope
BY: Fr. Stanley Deresienski, S.S.E.
Come and learn how God enables us to turn the misery we encounter in life into hope.
CD - Role of the Single Person in the Church
BY: Tony Carbrello and Dianne Pollak
The single life as a vocation and its role in the church. Workshop will present personal witness from both the male and female perspective.
CD - Finding Christ in Today's Media
BY: Ryan Boisvert
The society in which we live is so very different than it was even 20 years ago. How do we as Catholics, expect to live a truly fruitful Christian life when this world inundates us every minute of the day with unchristian propaganda through music, movies and TV. This workshop will help give useful tips and tricks to "be in this world, but not of this world." Jn 17:14-16
CD - End of Life Issues
BY: Deacon Peter Gummere
The Vermont Catholic Advance Directive documents will be explained. How these documents are used to communicate your wishes about your health care will be discussed. Church teaching on assisted nutrition and hydration will also be discussed.
CD - Faith and Reason
BY: Fr. Daniel E. White
Though faith is above reason, there can never be any real discrepancy between faith and reason. This workshop helps explain those finer points of Faith and Reason so that you will be better equipped to defend the Faith.
CD - Recipe for Daily Challenges
BY: Elaine Letourneau, Kelly Bartlett and Tony Carbrello
How do you keep a strong prayer life and still deal with all your daily challenges? This workshop will offer practical suggestions for meeting those daily challenges from a Catholic perspective. Presenters will share what works or doesn't work for them.
CD - Sharing and Defending the Faith
BY: Therese Corsones
How can we speak about God and our Faith with others? This workshop will focus on how to have respectful dialogue with believers and nonbelievers alike, while still being able to defend it with truth and grace.
CD - Marriage/Divorce/Annulment
BY: Msgr. John McDermott and Fr. Daniel Jordan
Just like in the time of Moses, God's chosen people still struggle with divorce. What does the Church teach regarding the sanctity of marriage, how the Church looks at civil divorce and the process of annulments.

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