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2015 - Crisis in the Middle East
Fr. Benedict Kiely talks about the Christian Refugees being uprooted by ISIS and what we can do about it.
2014 - Come Journey with Jesus
Fr. Mitch Pacwa talks about the history of the Holy Land and how Christians fit in.
2013 - Evangelizing Like St. Francis
Fr. Richard O’Donnell explains the call of the church to Evangelize the world and as Catholics how we do it.
2012 Conference - Faith in Politics
Msgr Stuart Swetland talks about the importance for Catholics to take an active roll in politics.
2011 Conference - Conversion of the Heart
Deacon Alex Jones speaks on Conversion of the Heart - to know the Lord
2010 Conference - Apologetics
Fr. Groeschel Talks about Apologetics and Speaking Up for the Faith
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