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VT Catholic Conference 2016

There will NOT BE a 2016 VT Catholic Conference due to scheduling conflicts within the Challengers Group.

BUT --- the group will be meeting soon to discuss what we can offer for 2017

We will let you know once we have something more to share!

Thank you all for your interest and hope to serve you in 2017!

** For those that heard we were working to secure Matthew Kelly for 2017 -
we were surprised to find out that he is completely booked for 2017 and had a waiting list for 2018 -- SORRY! 

2015 Conference Recordings available

We have recently updated our online ordering system to include sound clips for each presentation so that you can review some of the talk before you make your purchase.

The 2015 Vermont Catholic Conference presentation recordings are all available now for purchase.

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Please help us reach the Catholics of Vermont.  Monies raised through donations help support the Conference as well as conference sponsorships for those less fortunate. Donate what you can.

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Have a Listen

2015 - Crisis in the Middle East
Fr. Benedict Kiely talks about the Christian Refugees being uprooted by ISIS and what we can do about it.
2014 - Come Journey with Jesus
Fr. Mitch Pacwa talks about the history of the Holy Land and how Christians fit in.
2013 - Evangelizing Like St. Francis
Fr. Richard O’Donnell explains the call of the church to Evangelize the world and as Catholics how we do it.
2012 Conference - Faith in Politics
Msgr Stuart Swetland talks about the importance for Catholics to take an active roll in politics.
2011 Conference - Conversion of the Heart
Deacon Alex Jones speaks on Conversion of the Heart - to know the Lord
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